1) Number 1 song in 1967
Lulu..."To Sir With Love"
The Association..."Windy"
The Monkees..."I'm a Believer"
The Turtles..."Happy Together"
2) What were the class of '67 colors?
Black and Gold
Green and Yellow
Maroon and White
Blue and Silver

3) The '67 Warriors were the Centennial League all Sports Champions. In which sports did they win the league championship?
Football and Swimming
Wrestling and Track
Basketball and Cross Country
Baseball and Tennis
4) When did the Beatles first appear on Ed Sullivan
June 6, 1967
April 8,1965
December 11, 1966
February 9,1964

5) What does Calumet mean?
A gathering of North American Indians
A word meaning good luck and good hunting
A fictional town in Colorado in the movie Red Dawn
A ceremonial pipe smoked by North American Indians
6) When we started school in our senior year sophomores were required to buy and wear beanies. What did those beanies cost?